Your conditioning should match the metabolic and movement demands of ultimate. 

No more long distance runs!  Stop going exclucively to the track!

1.  Metabolic Demands

Learn about the science behind interval training and why it's more effective in less time than going for long runs!

Sample Interval Workouts

2.  Movement Demands

Check out Melissa's famous lateral movement workout.

Or, try her Multidirectional Movement Conditioning for something completely different.

Beyond the Workout

Players ask me all the time if X, Y, or Z is a good workout for ultimate.  The answer is, it totally depends.  Workouts are neither good nor bad in isolation.  A workout needs to make sense in the context of what came before it and what will come after.

If you're focused on general fitness, the timing of your workouts won't matter as much as if you're trying to improve your athletic performance.  You want adaptation without overtraining and you want to do your quality movement work when your body is prepared.

Learning how to put everything together is a real challenge.  I know I spent hours at my kitchen table moving exercise progressions around, constantly editing my training plans. Creating a good training plan is hard work.  This is why so many ultimate players resort to tweaking programs created for other sports. 

Fortunately, I've done the work of building a program for ultiamte from the ground up. I've done all the hard work so you don't have to.  This is what 12 Weeks to Game Time is all about. I tell you exactly what yo do 5 days a week for 12 weeks!  No guesswork.  Just show up to the gym or the field ready to work!

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