Twelve Weeks to Game Time


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  • Get the confidence that comes with using a well designed training program. Four weeks focused on strength building, four weeks focused on power development, and four weeks focused on conditioning.
  • No planning required!  Just do the workouts.  Five workouts per week including speed and agility, strength training, power development, and conditioning.
  • Easy to use!  Video demonstrations of every exercise.  Training logs to print out and take to the gym or the field.  Track your progress and SEE your results!

Stop using methods based on myth or training programs created for other sports. Twelve Weeks to Game Time is a simple 12 week program that I created from scratch just for ultimate players.

The 12 week program includes four weeks of strength focus, four weeks of power focus, and four weeks of conditioning.

A big problem I see in the ultimate community is that players are using programs that only address conditioning or have no periodization.  With Twelve Weeks to Game Time you will build a base of strength first.  Strength is the basis for building power, which comes next in the program.  In the last four weeks, you'll focus on conditioning.

Get ready to perform better and have more fun on the field!


What Exactly do I get?

When you sign up for 12 Weeks to Game Time you will be sent login credentials for a website. You will have instant access to all 12 weeks of programming (PLUS!! a bonus preparation phase if you want to ease yourself into it or expand your program to 16 weeks). You will have access to this website as long as it exists (Gauranteed at least one year. Likely many many more)

You will be able to download training logs that you can take to the gym to keep track of your progress. You will be able to watch video demontrations of each exercise in the programs. You can also ask questions about each workout at the bottom of the workout pages withing the website.

Note: These strength and conditioning programs are created with access to a standard gym in mind. You should have access to barbells, dumbells, and benches. Swiss balls are frequently used.  Chin up bars, and medicine balls are occasionally used as well.

Who Designed These Programs?

My name is Melissa Witmer. I am the founder of Ultimate Results, the author of The Ultimate Athlete Handbook, and the creator of The Ultimate Athlete Project.

I am a CSCS certified strength and conditioning caoch, I have read volumes of books and journals, and I have worked where professional athletes do thier training. Most importantly, I'm an ultimate player who, just like you, was (and still is) always looking for ways to improve my athleticism.

I created 12 Weeks to Game Time as a simpler version of The Ultimate Athlete Project to encourage players to get into the weight room and start reaping the benefits of an organized strength and conditioning program.

Have more questions? Talk to me at [email protected]


A Few of my Athletes:



“ I have one week left in the program but it has already exceeded my expectations. In short, my legs feel stronger and swifter than I could have ever expected. This feels like the closet I've ever come to maximizing my athletic potential. If only I could have had this program when I was a young player.”

Valley Renshaw Doublewide Captain 2012-2013, Kansas City Prairie Fire


... I was pretty pumped when you pulled everything together in 12 Weeks. I've got all the pdfs on my phone, which is usually with me for workout music anyway, so those are super helpful to keep things on track and pushing through the workouts quickly. I love the video clips you put together - they're super helpful to clarifying form and technique for the exercises. I also use them for reference during a workout if I forget about a particular exercise.”

Ross Welch St Lous, MO



I really like it so far. I have been doing conditioning for a few weeks right before tryouts - 3 days a week. I like how the workouts are challenging but don't KILL you where you don't want to do it again. I love your weight workouts, esp for women.

Eryn Ivey Orlando, FL

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  • Strength training programs that will make you feel invinceable
  • Conditioning that will allow you to play hard all tournament long
  • Speed and agility work that will help you leave your defenders in the dust

12 Weeks to Game Time

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